RDH Coach – Reflections in the River Ouse

RDH Coach © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

The inspiration for the Reflections in the River Ouse series came to me on the Cliffe Bridge where I paused early on a glorious mid-summer morning to watch the river flowing slowly, languidly out to sea. The air was still and the reflections in the river unusually clear. I pulled out my camera and started shooting, capturing only the reflections in the frame.

In contrast to that first morning of calm waters when I shot reflections of the West bank, the wind was blowing strong gusts the evening I photographed the East bank, making the water quite choppy and the reflections more abstract.

All ten photographs were taken at dawn or dusk – the golden hour – when the sun was soft and warm, and in all cases at high tide.

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