Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Cobalt Blue

cobalt blue
a bolt of blue
into my chest
cool, clear bliss
of blue
through me
my lungs
so I can breathe
calming my heart
its beat
slowly returning
to regular rhythm

cobalt blue
coming out
of my mouth
fresh new words
rising up
into my head
opening my eyes
to the beauty
of the world
the turquoise sea
pearlescent moon
winding rivers
forests of trees
tall slender birches
great solid oaks
the delicate cherry
as it blossoms
in Spring

cobalt blue
into my stomach
my feelings
over my body
the muscles
in my thighs
the sinews
in my knees
the tension
in my hands
as I breathe in
and out through
cobalt blue

Cobalt Blue was post-processed in response to the poem Cobalt Blue. © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias. All rights reserved.

6 responses

  1. Love the words, and the image is wonderful too. It just draws me in, and the color is just so powerful. I love the textures also. Is this one of the moving images? Love it!

    • Thank you Katie. Yes, the image is one of my moving nature shots, but one of those that’s more textural than colourful, so a perfect starting point to become the image to accompany Cobalt Blue!