Pink Wings

Pink Wings © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Pink Wings is another of my recent zoom effect experiments. In this photograph I used a small aperture of f/22, shutter speed of 1/3 and an ISO of 100 – then zoomed as I took the shot (I can’t recall now whether I zoomed in or out). Although it can take more shots than usual to get one that works, it’s a great technique for shooting abstract images and one that often yields surprising results.

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  1. Love the zoom effect here. I’ll definitely have to play around with mine next time I’m out snapping. Thanks for sharing.

  2. another great execution Mufidah.. I love this and the series !!

    You are right that it takes a few attempts to get it right.I had one ( zooming out of a busy highway i think) that would make anyone who looked at it dizzy including myself :)

      • I really love this shot! To me, now it looks like a bird taking flight. I really have to try out this technique (and quick, as the fall season is taking the flowers fast). I love that we both love trying creative things with flowers! Thanks so much for sharing, Mufidah! :)

        • Glad you saw that too :-) I originally called it Pink Wings, and if you click on the image to open the larger version you’ll see pink-wings is part of the permalink as that’s how I named the file. I really do enjoy taking pictures with the zoom effect, so there are some treats in store for you if you head out to do the same – and I look forward to seeing the results. I shot the entire series on one day and since then have intended to go out again to capture more, but like you I’m facing the disappearing flower situation as autumn sets in!

  3. Wonderful image. I appreciate the many layers, the sense of golden stillness in the midst of the pink motion of wings, the ethereal grace gauzed lightly through in white, all of it surrounded by a green field that holds the balance. Nicely done Mufidah.

    • Thank you Noel. And what a lovely comment — much appreciated. I originally called this post Pink Wings (the jpeg has that name) but for some reason I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to entitle the post Pink Lily, but since you’re at least the second person to see wings in the image I might revert to my original title!