Light Through Leaves

Light through Leaves © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

This photograph is another of my recent experiments with intentional camera movement where I panned down as I took the shot. The camera settings in this instance were an aperture of f/16, shutter speed 2.0s and ISO 100.

The Forest

where trees huddle together for comfort and warmth
and lichen grows on trunks and branches
in green, gold and copper patterns

where twigs and mosses cover the floor
and a canopy of leaves filter sunlight and moonlight
into diamond dapples and opalescent pools

deep, deep in the heart of the forest
quick and shy as deer, live tree nymphs
lovers of satyrs and daughters of Dionysus

~ Light through Leaves was chosen from my library in response to the poem The Forest.
© 2011 Mufidah Kassalias. All rights reserved.

10 responses

  1. soft, soothing and dreamy once again. I would not have been able to guess just by looking at the image on what it is and how you got it – so you definitely succeeded in abstraction !

  2. I love this, Mufidah. I’m doing a lot of work right now with movement of the camera, and I really like what you’re doing here. :) It’s so soft, and it’s like some things are slowly moving down the photo. Just wonderful to look at.