Flower Explosion

Flower Explosion © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

This is the fourth in my series of flower photographs using zoom effect – and one of my favourites. All images in the series were shot on the same day in July when the nearby Grange Gardens were in full bloom and the early morning light was bright without being brutal. For this image I chose an aperture of f/11, shutter speed 1/8s and ISO 100.

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  1. I like how when you use the zoom effect, you can get the center to be more in focus, where in moving the camera, I’ve never had that luck. I love all the different colors in this and how they are just exploding outward. My eye just wants to follow everything and bounces around in the photo. Great job, Mufidah! We, abstract photographers, need to stick together! :)

    • It’s an unpredictable technique and I’ve also shot a whole bunch that don’t work, so you just have to persevere! It’s a combination of knowing what you want, the theory of how to achieve it and a bit of luck! And even though the centre of this one is in focus, the blue flower image is less so, but works for different reasons. Thanks so much for your lovely comments Katie :-)

      • Yes, the technique is unpredictable, and you have to take a bunch of photos, and then go through them, and see what your eye likes! I just posted an abstract photo (not nature this time, as I decided to see if taking photos of non-nature items might work too), and I mentioned you and put a link to your blog. :) You should get some hits from my post. Thanks so much for your support, and so glad we’re both being creative! :) Take care, Mufidah!

        • I’ve just taken a look at your abstract photo and posted my comments there. You’re right about trusting what your eye likes when you finally get back to your computer to take a proper look. And you might find that some grow on you over time. I was rather unimpressed at first with some of my shots , but when I revisited them a few weeks later I was surprised to find I actually liked them!