Rust and Water

Rust and Water © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Today was one of those days that didn’t flow in quite the way one would hope. You know the kind when all the lights turn red on approach; you drive into a car park in the middle of the countryside, discover simultaneously that it’s pay-and-display, you’re out of cash and the machines don’t take cards; you drive up to the local noodle bar, the ‘open’ sign swinging in the doorway, realise that because you still have no cash you can’t feed the meter opposite, so you drive around the block for free on-street parking, trek back to the noodle bar only to find the ‘closed’ sign now swinging in the doorway. And so it goes.

After walking in seemingly endless loops in search of someplace to eat, we decided on Pizza Express – corporate but reliable.

Our table was crowded with a bunch of cards promoting various pizzas and deserts. As I moved them all to one side to create more space I noticed a smaller one that stated simply ‘New Look New Food’, which, by the time we had finished eating and were ready to leave, we concluded was doublespeak for ‘smaller pizzas with less topping, inferior coffee, too-bright t-shirts on every staff member and brusque, overly-sensitive wait staff (quite possibly a consequence of the aforementioned change in uniform).

Deflated from our non-happening afternoon we headed to the sea to catch the last rays of sun before it dipped behind the hills to the west of the town. In a bid to maximise this experience we walked out onto the pier, which was still bathed in light, and right at the far end is where I leaned over the railing and shot this image. I’m not sure what the structure is, or was – it’s not attached to the pier – but it’s certainly intriguing.

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  1. I’ve something similar that I will most likely post soon, except in my case the water is flowing fast because it is in the shade I could use longer exposure to blur /smoothen it

    I am curious to speculate , applying the same technique here would render the stairs in sharp focus and the background just a torquoise blur.

    • I’m rather lazy about carrying my tripod, so a longer exposure wasn’t really an option here. But if I had set the aperture to a higher f-stop I would’ve been able to get the stairs in sharper focus, which would’ve been ideal, but I didn’t take the time and have to admit this was shot on auto focus!

  2. I really like this, Mufidah. Having the shutter speed where it was, gives the water great texture, I think, and that mimics the texture in the iron work. Love the contrasting colors also. Very nice. Sorry the day was so bad though. Hate days like that. :)

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    • It’s not an everyday occurrence to have such turquoise water in this part of the world, but it does happen and I’m always very happy when it’s on a day I have my camera with me!