Poppies at the Crossroads

Poppies at the Crossroads © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Sean and I are fortunate to live in a small English town surrounded by gorgeous countryside, much of which is only ten minutes or so from our High Street doorstep. One of our favourite walks is to go north-west along the bridleways and footpaths that lead to Lewes Beacon and, further still, Ditchling Beacon. Like Christopher Robin and friends, we’ve come up with our own names to describe various landmarks that we pass along the way, such as Long Wood, Rabbit Hill and The Crossroads — which, in this image, is situated where the end of the poppy field meets the line of trees sloping down the hill from the left of the frame.

I took this photograph just after 7.00 o’clock one morning in early June this year, and decided to post it now after Abu Zar said he was fascinated by the idea of the English countryside, as it’s a classic English scene.

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  1. the poppies look like butterflies… a bit too much sunny for english conditions isnt it ? :) j/k

    you are indeed lucky to have such easy access to the beautiful countryside. I am looking forward to seeing more of these.