And We’ll Walk Up the Avenue till We’re There

View from Lewes Castle to The Avenue © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

On our recent trip to Lewes Castle, which has incredible 360º views across Lewes and over the South Downs in all directions, I took this shot of The Avenue — the long street that stretches diagonally left from the right of the frame. If you walk up this street and continue on through the Neville neighbourhood you come out at the large field on the horizon called Landport Bottom. Then … if you’re feeling adventurous and keep walking north-west, you come first to Lewes Beacon and then, about an hour or more later, to Ditchling Beacon. It’s a lovely walk with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. And that there’s usually an ice cream van parked in the Ditchling Beacon car park makes arriving at the halfway point — before turning back toward home — all the more enjoyable! Last time we were there Sean and I sat under a tree that offered us some much-needed shade whilst we ate a couple of delicious soft serve ice creams. Just one each though!

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  1. This is a beautiful view of the town, with blue sky and cumulous clouds. I like the almost uniform color of the houses, as if following a color code (even the shape for most of them have uniformity).

    • Thank you :-) Yes, most of the houses in that part of town are red brick, but Lewes also has sandstone, flint and mathematical tile houses. If you follow the Wikipedia link you’ll see reference in the right column to a building in Lewes that has mathematical tiles, although it’s one of the least inspired buildings in town. Perhaps I ought to go photograph some of the more interesting mathematical tile houses …

    • Thanks Roberta. It’s a pretty amazing town in many ways with fairly immediate access to great countryside, which we regularly take advantage of being people who like walking.

  2. This is so cool!! It is exactly how I imagined the small towns and villages to look like. Great capture, and composition with the clouds and small village below.

    • Happy you like it David. Although there’s quite a bit more to the town (this photograph was taken facing north west) it’s still a relatively small town with a population of just over 16,000.