Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

This photograph was taken at Shoreham-by-Sea, just west of Brighton, where there’s a whole community of people living in an amazing variety of houseboats. I was just leaving, having crossed the bridge, when I turned back and took this photograph of the mud flats on the banks of the River Adur. For some reason I only took a couple of pictures of the houseboats, so have made mental note to return there soon-ish to do so.

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  1. this photo brings up memories of my childhood when the heavy monsoon rains would make rain gullies near our home where we would float paper boats.

    I am assuming the river here is low on water and does swell up at its peak ?

    • Paper boats are really great, that must have been a lot of fun! The river’s tidal so it must have been low tide at the time. Living near the coast all the rivers are tidal, which makes for some very muddy rivers, unlike the much clearer rivers I grew up around in Scotland.

    • It looks like it would be lovely to do, but it’s muddy not sandy, plus there are lots of barnacles which would be sore on the tender soles of the feet. But good to know it inspires such feelings! Thank you Nandini :-)

      • Thanks for that information Mufidah, I won’t hurt myself that way. But it is always good to imagine and have fun there ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, I like this image, Mufidah. The texture of the mud flats, against the smoothness of the more smooth water, and then the swirling lines of the sea, and the vertical lines of the wood posts. I want to shoot water! :) Love this image. :)

    • Really appreciate this thoughtful comment Katie :-) Water is an amazing subject to photograph — do you have any rivers in or around Santa Fe? And, yes, the wooden posts with their green tide lines are a good juxtaposition.