Anne of Cleves House Details

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When I posted the Anne of Cleves House photograph last week, my intention was to follow-up with some detail shots, the first of which I posted the next day. Since then, I thought it would be good to have all six shots posted together, so here they are (with the Marble Door surround being the one previously posted).

As some people commented about the various materials used, and so on, I walked down there a few days ago to ask some questions of the (hopefully) knowledgeable staff only to discover that the house had closed three days previously for the winter season —  and won’t open again until April or so next year!

Perhaps I’ll go back in the Spring, ask those burning questions and take my camera into the house to photograph the interiors.

In the meantime, you can pause the slideshow if you want to look at any of the images for longer than the slideshow allows.

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  1. all of these arouse interest and curiosity. i especially like the door hinge, sandstone and flint patterns and red terracotta tiles and the rusted post.

    i think the use of a slideshow is very appropriate here too

    • Thanks Abu :-) I originally tried placing all of the images on the page in two columns, but ran into tricky issues with the words slotting themselves in between the images, despite going into the HTML and inserting line breaks, paragraph breaks, etc., but to no avail. In the end the slideshow seemed the best option, so good to know that you like it!

      • I can recall instances (for example an action shot that tells a story more so when viewed in a sequence) where i would like to use a slideshow but I have been lazy in trying out. Hopefully next time around will use a slideshow when appropriate. Thanks for sharing