Scavenging © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

En route to the river one morning I spotted this squirrel jumping up onto the litter bin, so I quickly turned my camera onto a fast shutter speed and took a couple of photographs before he or she disappeared. This was the better of the two, both in clarity and composition, with the squirrel’s tail curled around one of the uprights.

I walk this path often, and noticed recently the bin had been replaced by a less interesting one, a plain and functional black bin with no roof or gold trim and lettering to catch the light or the eye.

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  1. I once got really freaked out by a funky noise coming of our kitchen bin in university halls. When I came closer to check it out, a squirrel jumped out onto the kitchen counter and through the open window …! And another time there was a badger rummaging through the bins outside. I then quickly decided to bring my bin bag to the next collection spot, because that badger was massive and looked at me suspiciously as if trying to say “Nah, seriously, I’m not afraid of you …”!

    • That’s funny! I imagine the noise would have freaked me out too :-)

      Two more squirrel stories that happened to people related to me: My daughter and I were in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh (when she was about six) when went up to a squirrel to pet it, but it turned around quickly and scratched her hand, which left her hurting and crying. And Sean was once walking through Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis when a squirrel jumped out of a tree and onto his head — a brief landing spot before leaping off and bounding away!

  2. Awesome little animals, but they can be such a pain especially if you have birdfeeders in your yard…lol

  3. Don’t you just hate when they take away something interesting and put something boring in its place. They did that with a bunch of cool old mailboxes I wanted to take another photo of. Bad people live. :)

    Love this photo. I noticed the tail before I even read your post, Mufidah. I think it makes image, in my eye. Great detail. And great catch. Wonderful photo. :)

    • Yeah, replacing interesting things with dull, utilitarian things is sad state of affairs — bad people do indeed live! Glad you enjoyed the squirrel’s tail as much as I do. Woohoo for fluffy tails! :-)

  4. Squirrels are really quite remarkable little creatures, and far too often overlooked or ignored – thanks for taking a moment to see this one and share, especially since his greys and browns go so well with that (now sadly lost) bin. The State will probably one day force the squirrels to wear plain beige jumpsuits and report to the nut dispensary for their rations.

    • Yes, they are rather remarkable, but I guess since there are so many of them they do tend to get overlooked. Apparently without squirrels certain trees wouldn’t have a chance of growing, so we have something to be grateful for as well as simply appreciating them for their ‘squirrelness’. I do hope the jumpsuit-and-nut-dispensary scenario doesn’t come to pass, but it is the state we’re talking about here, so perhaps we should brace ourselves. Thanks, also, for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated.