Misty Dawn

Misty Dawn © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

I took this photograph a couple of years ago, about a week after midsummer’s day when the days where long and my enthusiasm for getting up early was likewise at its peak. I must have left home some time around 4.30 am as I had already taken a few pictures before this one, which was time stamped 4.50 am. Although it quickly turned into a glorious morning once the mist lifted, it’s the misty haze and cool blue morning light that I like about the this picture. And the pale orange glow that’s emerging over the hill. And, if you look closely you can see the outline of one or two of the houses on hillside.

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  1. That is cool…it almost looks like there is a huge waterfall dumping into a river back there that we can’t see & creating the mist.

    • Thanks David. I took the photograph from the top of the hill, which leads down into the town centre. And if you’re feeling energetic you can take a steep walk up the hill that’s covered in mist and onto the South Downs, from where you have a fabulous view of the town.

    • Thanks Katie :-) Yes, mist is really atmospheric, but often it happens on flat, grey days that have little light, but as it was morning the sun was emerging at the top of the hill and beginning to seep through the mist, and I think that’s what makes the picture. Thanks also for your comments about the perspective and composition, much appreciated!

  2. the soft early morning light is beautiful and the misty expanse does resemble a cascading waterfall … i am assuming the breaking of the dawn and then when the sun came out later , watching those transitions would have been well worth the early morning venture !

  3. While not as fully on hilarious as your photo of a squirrel in the trash, this one was very beautiful. It looks like the sort of place I’d love to wake up every morning.

  4. I have been back several times to look at this image, I am a sucker for a good foggy picture. Very nice, I also like your theme it shows your images very well. Helen :)