Poppy in the Sun

Poppy © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Taken on a gorgeous sunny day while on a walk around the edges of Lewes, not quite the town, not quite the country.

I decided to post this today because it’s an overcast mid-November day, the air chilly and damp, and I feel in need of a splash of colour and a reminder of longer, warmer days.

32 responses

  1. beautiful back/side lighting..the blurred background impacts a solid color which keeps the color composition simple..

    my only suggestion would be to try cropping the distracting sky horizon unless u did and chose not to for some reason :)

    • Thanks Abu. I did crop out the sky/horizon but returned to the original, as I felt doing so made the shot unbalanced with the top of the poppy being too close to the top of the frame. If I could retake the shot I’d get a very slightly different angle without the horizon, but c’est la vie!

      • yes I can see how it can get very tight with the cropping.Having made several similar belated discoveries of my own in the past, how i wish I had a bigger viewing screen out in the field.

        some day, not very far in the future,it will be the norm,i think !

        • Yes, the on-camera screen is very small and in the moment it’s possible to miss something that you’d otherwise choose to do differently. Looking forward to the day when it’ll be the norm to have bigger viewing screens in the field!