Towards Kingston

Towards Kingston © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Another grey, grey day in Lewes, so here’s a photograph taken on a sunnier day to brighten the spirits. Although even here a large part of the hillside is in shadow, so the clouds must have been looming that day too.

One of the many views from Lewes Castle — this one facing south-west towards Kingston village, with St. Michael’s Church spire in the foreground, along with a few High Street rooftops.

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  1. is that a wind vane at the top of the castle ? as a child I was very fascinated by them. we had quite a few of those in India(and I am assuming because of the English legacy) but I haven’t seen a lot in the US , at least in the part I’ve been to

    • Hmm … I think it’s a wind vane, I’ll have to go and check it out on a windy day and see if it’s changed direction. It’s not on the castle though, that’s St. Michael’s Church spire. A lot of the churches around here have something similar on top of their spires, so from now on I’m going to pay much more attention to them so I’ll know whether or not they’re weather vanes. Excuse the pun!

  2. I like that the half the hill side is in shadow and half in the sun. That’s the first thing which came to my notice :D

    And I also love the buildings here. Great place! And great capture :)

  3. What a lovely landscape so richly captured. I like that you cropped the picture so that only the roofs are visible. Great, vivid and lush colours.

  4. What I like about this (as others have noted) is the fact that most of the buildings are just the rooftops! It’s a nice, refreshing view allowing me to enjoy the rolling hills all the more!