No Bicycles Please

No Bicycles Please © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Although I’ve walked past this sign many times I only recently decided to photograph it. Since it’s just a couple of minutes from where we live it’s one of those places I almost don’t notice any more as I walk past, en route to here and there, every few days or so. The house behind the railings is nestled in the shadow of Lewes Castle and next to the castle’s Gun Garden. The house itself is interesting architecturally, having been built during the Georgian period with a façade of mathematical tiles that cover a timber-framed building. Although these tiles can be black, red or cream, black seems to be the most popular in the area, and many glazed-tile buildings were constructed in Brighton, Lewes and this part of Sussex in the 18th and early 19th century.

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  1. I love this…have thought about getting shots of signs before. Actually took a couple & then deleted them because I didn’t think anybody would like them.

  2. More than a rustic sign, it has rusted textured screws, peeling paint, and a cobweb. Also a background of brick, adding another textured element. Good catch, eh.

  3. I love this…signs can be so quirky at times! Makes one wonder why you can’t ride a bike there. I’ve seen signs for no skateboarding or loitering but never for bicycles! Very nice image Mufidah…simple and the composition is well done!!!

    • Thanks David! Happy to know you like the simplicity of the image. I think the sign is there to stop people from chaining their bikes to the railings, and as far as I know it’s okay to ride a bike, but I realise the sign is out of context so I can see why you read it as saying no cycling.

    • Being a black sign fixed to black railings does give it a rather sombre look, which I guess in turn evokes a feeling of Victorian dead pan wit. And until you mentioned deadpan, I hadn’t thought of it that way.