Fence with Seven Sisters

Fence with Seven Sisters © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

I shot this on a recent walk from Seaford to Cuckmere. The chalk cliffs are the Seven Sisters, which you can’t walk to directly from the point where I was standing when I took this photograph. Once you get down to Cuckmere you have to turn left and walk inland along the Cuckmere River for about half an hour until you reach a point where you can cross it and head back towards to coast on the other side.

I decided to process the image as black and white since the light was low and the sky rather flat and nondescript.

25 responses

  1. I love the title! Brilliant shot Mufidah. And looks perfect in B&W, especially, the seven sisters! :)

    • Thank you Rob, good to know you like the photograph and sorry you can’t walk to the coast – perhaps a move outland (can one express it that way?) would be worth considering? Oh, and we did drive there, but only 15 minutes, so very accessible.

  2. the lighting on the cliff is indeed very interesting and the way u have composed draws the eyes to it.

    its also interesting to see that the ‘x sisters’ nomenclature is universal. In my recent Utah trip I saw atleast one place named after sisters: there is a 3 gossip in Arches, 3 sisters in Goblin Valley and 3 sisters in Valley of Fire, Nevada. What happened to brotherhood ? :)

    • Good to know you like the composition with the fence leading towards the seven sisters.

      There’s also the seven sisters constellation, but, as you say, no ‘x brothers’. At least not any that I know of. Curious indeed! :-)