Buckle Church Burrow

Buckle Church Burrow © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Here’s another photograph taken from the coastal path between Seaford and Cuckmere Haven. The path is part of the South Downs Way, which runs from Winchester (Hampshire) to Eastbourne (Sussex) and is entirely within the boundaries of the South Downs National Park.

Since the cliff edge topsoil is sandy it’s a good environment for rabbits to make their burrows, some of which you can see if you walk near the cliff edge — look closely at the left slope and you’ll see some of rabbit burrows. It turns out, though, this spot isn’t named after such rabbit goings-on, rather something to do with a church and a buckle, the details of which presently elude me.

I shot this with my compact Canon, which gives me no control over settings, but for a compact that’s a few years old now it does a pretty good job.

20 responses

  1. You certainly have some beautiful countryside where you live. I like the composition of this photo…the hills folding in the middle lead my eyes out to sea and then the imagination just wanders. Nice photo from your little camera!

  2. As some famous photographer once said Mufidah, “It’s not the camera that counts, but who is behind it”. The composition is excellent, curves, triangles and lots of detail.

  3. It is a very nice click. The sea stands out like a never-ending place, and this photo made me feel that how good is to be on the land. Great shot. Beautiful place to be. :)

  4. What a picturesque scene! The landscape in my area is exceedingly flat – aside from the man-made pillars of steel and stone. This has so much character and the apparent erosion on the left embankment adds a lot of depth. Awesome work!