Seaford Silhouette

Seaford Silhouette © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Halfway through the afternoon Sean and I decided we needed some sun and a dose of refreshing sea air, so we headed off to Seaford to find ourselves a spot in the sun where we could sit and read. Despite the sun being in our eyes as we were driving there, it had dropped quite low by the time we arrived (all of 15 minutes) and was covered by clouds moments after we stepped out of the car. Sadly, it was too cold to sit anywhere so we just took a short walk along the beach and stood looking out to sea for a few minutes before jumping back in the car to drive home.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago on another trip to Seaford, and although I find the beach huts in Brighton & Hove more interesting I had fun taking shots of people walking along the promenade, their shadows cast on the huts. I shot the images quickly, not intending to do anything with them, but I quite like this one and thought I’d post it this evening since we were there today. Although the people in the other shots were strangers, Sean is the silhouette figure in this one.

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    • Thanks Abu, the light was lovely that afternoon. I did shoot a couple at more of an angle, do got more huts in the frame, but the people’s shadows weren’t as good so overall this was the best.

    • Thanks Hellen! Yes, beach huts are really cool, and I’d love to have one myself. I’ve just had a quick search for Southwold beach huts and found a picture of them — you’re right, they’re lovely.