Rainbow over Hamsey

Rainbow over Hamsey © 2011 Mufidah Kassalias

Twelve minutes after I took the photograph of the sun shining on Hamsey Island (which I posted yesterday), I shot this rather different image of essentially the same scene, but with grey clouds and a rainbow; the other difference being the framing — this one with less grass in the foreground to accommodate the rainbow in the sky.

So, in just twelve minutes grey clouds rolled in to cover the sky, the sun disappeared, it rained, the grey clouds carried on their journey, the blue sky and sun reappeared, and with it a rainbow! That’s English weather for you.

~ Posted for Nandini, who asked for this version. Her blog, Life Just Is, can be found here.

13 responses

  1. As I said before…lovely countryside….and now a rainbow…it was great that you guys hung out there for a bit longer and were rewarded with such a sight!

  2. Oh, thank you so much Mufidah for sharing this for me, I’m smiling from eye-to-eye. :) :)

    A beautiful rainbow here. I can see its slight reflection too. It’s beautiful. It is amazing how weather changes and thus changing the light conditions along with it. That’s certainly noticeable in the two pictures. Too good.

    And thank you so much for mentioning me here, really appreciate that. :)