Brighton Beach Gallery (#wpthu)

This is the second post inspired by Sean’s #wpthu writing prompt, aka Writing Prompt Thursday, with the following piece of writing being a response to yesterday’s question: “What’s important — what really matters — to me?”

Not so long ago I’d have had a really hard time responding to such a big question. I’d feel the pressure of searching my soul for the definitive answer — after all, I thought, if I am going to do justice to the question then surely I have to know, unequivocally, what, above all else, really matters to me. And of course I’d feel trapped by the prospect of limiting myself to that one response, knowing that there are many things that matter to me — some more than others in the morning or on the weekend, others when I’m working or out walking, and yet more when I’m spending time with other people or with myself.

Yesterday (Thursday), Sean and I went to Brighton to visit the sea and, later, to meet a friend in a café. After arriving and eating ice creams, we each went off to do our own thing for a while, with Sean sitting himself down by the shore to make a video and me hanging around outside the Fishing Museum shooting Instagram pictures on my iPhone.

Anyone who knows me knows I love taking pictures, and somewhere in the midst of this I realised that being free to follow my nose and my eye — going where I am drawn, capturing the images I see — is what really matters to me. At least in that Thursday-afternoon-in-Brighton moment.

It was also confirmation that all we can ever do is respond in the moment, and that doing so doesn’t negate other possibilities from also being true. We are complex beings with myriad interests capable of a wide range of authentic responses that may, at times, appear contradictory, or limiting if viewed in isolation, but which nevertheless are wholly true.

All of the above images were shot and processed with Instagram on my iPhone 4.

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  1. and the results speak for themselves when you do things that matter to you :)

    those are awesome photos and the treatment for each of them transforms them into something even better..#1, #5 and #8 are my favorites !

    • Thank you :-) Instagram is fun to use, and somehow the low res doesn’t matter so much — it’s part of the aesthetic. Think I’ll also give Hipstamatic a try, as there are apparently more filters (and even films) to choose from.

      The oyster shells are one of my favourites — they (and a whole bunch more) were discarded next to the Sea Haze hut in image #4.

  2. So what is the 2nd to last one with the concrete jetty looking thing. It seems to stop a short ways into the water. Do people fish off that? I would.

  3. These are some fantastic photos, Mufidah. I like all of them. The contrast in 3rd, 6th and the last one is too good. iphone takes good pictures, I’m impressed. :D

    And the thoughts you have shared are so nice. What really matters makes us decide our priorities and when we do that, it makes us smile at the end of the day, which if you think about, is really important. These days, I too think a lot about my love for photography. It doesn’t seem to diminish even slightly considering the new job I’m into. But that fact itself makes me happy and cheerful. :)

    Wonderful post!

    • Thanks, Nandini — as you say, it is good when people choose their favourites. These were taken with the iPhone 4 with its 5MP camera, not even the 4S which has an 8MP camera!

      Yes, deciding — and focusing — on those priorities does bring an inner smile :-)

      I’m not sure I realised you had a new job (perhaps I didn’t read your posts very well in my recent whizzing through), but I’m interested to know what it is you’re doing.

      • Hi! To the last part of your comment, I think I have replied to it in my reply to your comment on my blog’s post.. I’m sorry for that. :)

        • Gosh, I think I missed it, sorry. Am busy, busy with travel plans with only 17 days to go before departure, which is why I’m not managing to comment much on the blogs I follow. I’ll visit your blog and look for your reply :-)

  4. That is a difficult question to answer. What matters to us as individuals could change day to day or week to week depending on our state of mind. But what matters to me is the art of photography.

    • Yes, a difficult question indeed that can have ever-changing answers. And although I could answer it differently on different days, there will always be certain things that are fundamental to me and my engagement with life. Photography would always be one of those fundamental things, and one day perhaps I’ll be able to arrange to day-to-dayness of my life such that I have more time to pursue it. Despite having exhibited, and sold, work, I haven’t had the time to continue that path in the way that I would like to do so. I’m not sure if you have a ‘day job’, but your photography is excellent. I did start my catch up on your blog the other day, but got distracted by something. I will do my best to get to it this evening :-)