9 Days to Departure: General Chaos and Gifts from the Universe

Apartment 2009

Apartment in 2009 © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

With 9 days left before we jump in our ’98 Fiat Punto and head for the Dover–Calais ferry, life has become crazy busy and our apartment strewn with our various possessions.

Today has been good with our open house sale going well and an unimagined opportunity being offered to us that could help with our being able to continue to sell things after we’ve left. And just a short while ago this evening I spoke with a friend about staying in her Spanish flat in Burgos for a couple of weeks, something we’re really looking forward to as Burgos looks like a fantastic city with incredible Gothic architecture.

The above photograph was taken a few years ago, before we got our two lovely bookcases. The below photograph, taken by Sean, is more recent and shows one of the aforementioned bookcases, along with another smaller bookcase that a dear friend custom made for me many years ago. You can also see Sean’s guitar and Turkish drum.

Apartment in 2011

Apartment in 2011 © 2012 Sean M. Madden

5 responses

  1. is the “unimagined opportunity being offered to us” the flat in Burgos?? or something else completely? I couldn’t quite tell from your post Mufidah..

    • Hi Helen, hope all is well with you :-) The opportunity I mentioned isn’t the same as the flat in Burgos, and rereading my post I could see why you were confused. I was probably writing too quickly due to the many, many thing on our to-do list! I’ve edited the post now to say that the opportunity is one that will help us to be able to continue to sell our whilst we’re away. Well, just a week to go and must get back to it all. No time to read other blogs right now, but will find my way back to them once we’re on the road.

  2. I really liked the simplicity and “niceness” here. Lovely place to be. :)

    All the best for your new adventure.. :)

  3. bon voyage and all the best mufidah… I wish you have a wonderful trip and come back enriched with wonderful memories (and memory cards :) )