Welsh Sojourn

Good Home Needed

Good Home Needed © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

The above image was taken in Hove a couple of weeks ago, just after leaving our apartment in Lewes and whilst staying for six days with a friend in Hove — a welcome rest after the non-stop craziness of moving. And since we could now be considered as being in the category of needing a good home, we thought this sofa a serendipitous find and one that had to be photographed, especially with Sean sitting on it.

That was two weeks ago and I’m writing this from a library computer in Wales. After leaving Hove we drove west to Herefordshire for a few days (deliberately leaving our laptops to pick up when driving back through en route to the ferry) and are now in Hay-on-Wye in Powys, a small and lovely town famed for its second-hand bookshops as well as the Hay Festival which “runs for ten days with a packed programme of debates and conversations with poets and scientists, novelists and historians, artists and gardeners, comedians and musicians, film makers and politicians.”

It looks like we’ll be staying for the duration of the festival and have found some temporary work in a local café, which will help to cover our living costs whilst here — and something we’ll be doing as we continue travels in Europe. Beyond this, Sean is also in the middle of sourcing a venue to run a couple of impromptu creative writing workshops during the festival, and this afternoon, post library, we intend to visit a few places and see what we can organise. Then we’ll hit the town with some freshly printed leaflets to hand out to the crowds.


Rainbow © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

Whilst in Hove and Herefordshire the weather was unbelievably gorgeous for England and it lasted here in Hay until yesterday morning, which is always good when camping. Now we have dramatic grey skies and intermittent rain (fortunately, thus far, nothing too heavy) which although it required more logistical consideration when cooking in a field it also gave us a sense of triumphing over the elements when we fired up our Bialetti and cooked our potato, chive and hot smoked salmon omelette this morning in between light showers. Last night whilst cooking a full rainbow arc appeared during rain showers so I grabbed my compact Canon and snapped a quick image. I then reached for my Nikon but in the few intervening seconds the rainbow had begun to fade, so this is image is the first one taken with the Canon.

Shorn Sean

Shorn Sean © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

There is much to say and write about, but we’re squeezed for time working on library computers, so I’ll finish with another picture of Sean — a shorn Sean — post Herefordshire haircut, self-buzzed with his clippers. It’s taken me a while to get used to him having virtually no hair after such long hair, and it sometimes feels like I’m travelling with G.I. Joe, but it’s growing on me. Oh, I also got a haircut — the first in two years! We had just arrived in Hay on Monday morning when we passed a hair salon so I popped in and made an appointment for the following day. I now have shoulder length hair again, which feels good and is going to be much easier for washing and drying whilst on the road.

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