Abrest Tower: Overlooking the Allier River Valley

Abrest Tower

Abrest Tower © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

A short walk from our campsite, if we turn right at the end of the drive, is the small village of Abrest with a handful of shops, a La Poste (post office) and Le Mairie (town hall). And at the top of the town, on the crest of the hill that overlooks the Allier river valley, stands a communications tower that’s visible from much of the surrounding area, including the campsite where we’re staying.

On a particularly hot day recently we walked into the village, crossed the road from La Poste towards Le Mairie, cut through the car park and found a path leading up the hill. Since the temperature was in the mid-30s (or mid-90s Fahrenheit) I started to flag as we neared the top of the hill and decided to sit under the shade of a tree and wait for Sean who marched onwards towards the tower. After a while I thought I’d pick myself up and walk to meet him, but just as I rounded the bend there he was walking back towards me, happy to have made it up to the tower and seen the panoramic views of the valley.

Although I missed the tower that day, we returned a couple of days later (via car this time, as we were en route back from the neighbouring village of Le Vernet where we were searching for a non-existent market). It was another glorious afternoon (not quite so swelteringly hot thankfully) with thick clouds filling much of the sky, begging to be photographed.

Path to Abrest Tower

Path to Abrest Tower © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

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  1. Beautiful photos. I always love blue and green. And the second photo is inviting me for a walk. Hmmm.