From Auvergne to Aquitaine

Cindré Crossing

Cindré Crossing © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

After eight weeks of camping in Abrest (a small village just outside Vichy) we hit the road again last Wednesday to spend a few days in Cindré (another small French village in Auvergne) before driving south west to Monbazillac in Aquitaine.

Cindré has just over 300 inhabitants, a restaurant (with post office), a hotel and a church. It’s the kind of place one usually drives through en route to somewhere larger and more ‘interesting’, but we found this quiet, remote village an ideal place to pause and recharge our batteries along the way, spending a couple of nights with a lovely CouchSurfing host and his family, sharing good food, going for walks and playing with the children.

Télégraphe Téléphone

Télégraphe Téléphone, Cindré © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

On Friday the drive from Cindré to Monbazillac took us about eight hours via a combination of N and D roads (national and departmental) which, although more circuitous than toll roads, are inevitably more interesting.

Our chosen route took us through Terrasson, a town so unlike any other in the region that we decided to pull over for a whistle-stop tour, cameras in hand. Although the light was fading, the sun burst out for a final ten minutes or so and I shot a bunch of pictures of the old town bathed in golden light. Unfortunately, my compact Canon wasn’t up to the task and the highlights were blown and irretrievable, no matter how much I altered the white balance, levels and curves. And so the photograph below is of the more modern buildings, shot standing on the banks of the old town side of the Vézère River.

Boat on the Vézère

Boat on the Vézère © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

We arrived in Monbazillac sometime after 10.00 pm, greeted by another lovely host (and her two two Jack Russells), who had kindly prepared dinner for us all to share. A good end to a long day that brought us 250 miles or 400 km nearer to our next destination of Burgos in northern Spain.

Green Shutters Monbazillac

Green Shutters Monbazillac © 2012 Mufidah Kassalias

However, since we’re awaiting the arrival of a replacement laptop charger for Sean’s computer we’ll be here in Monbazillac for a few more days — a perfect opportunity to explore the area as well as to enjoy some of the many free wine tastings on offer in the vicinity! But more of that in my next post.

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  1. This is a joy to follow your adventures…there is so much history on your side of the pond. I love the photos you have been taking…it shows how life really is….no touristy stuff!

    • Thanks, Karen. I did get to borrow a Canon EOS 350D whilst in Monnazillac, which felt good, and a few of those images are in my “Week in the Dordogne” post (although I didn’t specify which as they’re a mixture of the EOS and the compact IXUS). But I’m back to the IXUS and iPhone now …