Anstruther Harbour

Anstruther Harbour

Anstruther Harbour © 2013 Mufidah Kassalias

Taken a couple of hours after Feckin Boat, Anstruther, and just before heading home.

Mufidah Kassalias Mufidah Kassalias is a writer, photographer and slow traveller. A digital nomad, she’s also co-founder of Creative Thunder, helping creative individuals and small businesses to fire up their online presence and prowess. To get a free copy of the inspiring Creative Thunder Manifesto, click here.

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  1. Mufidah, I have been thinking about you and wonder how your adventure is going? We have our home up for sale and our hope is to purchase an Rv and travel north of California. I was wondering how you went about deciding what to take with you since you had to downsize..especially in the area of clothing?

    • Hi Roberta, Really good to hear of your plans. I remember you said some time ago now that you’d like to pack up and go a-travelling. I guess the short answer is: know that you can get by with far less than you might expect. Things that seem essential when living in a house can feel quite unnecessary when travelling. Clothes can be tricky though, I have to admit. I have boxes of nice clothes and shoes sitting in the south east of England, which I do miss sometimes, while I’ve been wearing the same set of clothes for over a year now. Think mix and match with both colours and layers. And remember to consider different temperatures! I hope that helps a little. :-)

    • Yes, it is — even earlier in the evening when there were tons of people sitting along the shore tucking into take-out fish and chips it still felt peaceful. But, of course, being by the sea makes everything feel much more peaceful. :-)

  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for a ‘Versatile Blogger Award’…because you’re awesome of course. If you’re not the awards type that’s cool but if you are go get it here ! Yeah, there are rules but they’re pretty easy to follow. Thanks for reading my silliness!
    : )