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Short Stories

Red ShoesMarisol González is a young Spanish photographer who believes in destiny. As a teenager she meets Domingo Manuel Sanchez, an agoraphobic photographer who becomes her friend and mentor, and Marisol’s destiny begins to unfold in ways she could never have imagined.

Red Shoes is set in Burgos, Spain, and is 5,259 words.

That’s a lovely story. I enjoyed it very much. You seem to have the short story technique well in hand. I know comparisons are said to be odious, but Red Shoes is much more readable than some of Virginia Woolf’s that I have dipped into.”

— C.B., Australia

OdetteOdette is a story about a French-Canadian woman who, after ten years living in Paris, receives a letter that causes her to rethink everything. 2,136 words.

“Odette stood naked in front of her mirror. She pulled dress after dress from her wardrobe, holding each up to assess its merits. Nothing felt right. As she dropped the last dress on the floor she paused to look at herself. Long slender legs, honed by years of practising yoga. Hips that ached to bear a child curved deeply into a small waist that was the envy of many of her friends. Breasts that, despite being able to comfortably hold a pencil underneath, were still full and firm. She ruffled her freshly cut short hair. Yes, she liked her hair. She thought it made her look younger. She decided on the green dress.”