Lanterdan Quarry

Lanterdan Quarry

Lanterdan Quarry © 2013 Mufidah Kassalias

Lanterdan Quarry, one of the nine quarries between Tintagel and Trebarwith Strand, is a particularly impressive sight with its great pillar rising up from the centre. Initially Sean and I assumed the pillar was a natural phenomenon, however in talking with locals we learned that the quarry workers mined around the column of stone, extracting only the valuable slate. Continue reading

Boscastle after the Rain

Rocks and Heather

Rocks and Heather © 2013 Mufidah Kassalias

The smell of summer rain hung in the air. Heavy rain clouds were moving on to another part of Cornwall and blue was beginning to replace the grey.

Sean and I had spent much of the day working inside, so as soon as the sun emerged we jumped in the car for the short drive to Boscastle, a small fishing village largely preserved by the land-owning presence of the National Trust. Continue reading

Cornish Love Affair

Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand © 2013 Mufidah Kassalias

Three days in Cornwall and we’ve had all possible English summer weather conditions. Yesterday started out dull and overcast, but by early afternoon a warm Atlantic wind whipped across the Celtic Sea and began to blow the clouds inland, allowing shafts of sunlight to illuminate the rugged North Cornwall coastline.  Continue reading

Slow Travels Instagrammed: A Snapshot of Our Nomadic Life through Retro Filters

Above: Auvergne and Aquitaine Regions in France. Instagrammed July and August 2012. Continue reading