The Long Road to Ithaca

Mountain Road, Ithaca

Mountain Road, Ithaca © 2014 Mufidah Kassalias

Ithaca is an idyllic island. The home of Homer’s hero Odysseus, Ithaca has become a metaphorical destination for many who consider The Odyssey, the epic poem penned in the 8th century BC, as a metaphor of our journey through life.

Just as Odysseus took ten arduous years to return to his homeland after the Trojan War, our own life journeys are often far more complex that we might anticipate. The journey to fulfilling each of our individual goals is both an outer and an inner one, frequently taking us along a long road peppered with obstacles and diversions. Odysseus reaching Ithaca is symbolic of reaching those goals set forth at the outset of our journey.

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